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Flower Arrangement

Let me introduce myself .

I am known as Ren an Independent Celebrant with an intuitive gift.

My passion for life events, as a visual story-teller,  

Born in New Zealand, a romantic at heart with a intuitive insight.

Meet your B-Free Celebrant 

I bring a unique, charismatic personal style , with a humble, warm, energetic but unobtrusive professional manner, putting couples at ease on their special day.

With my extensive life experience, together with effective communication, planning/marketing, design, portraiture and skills, I capture your true emotions from the first step to the aisle to that moment when you both say, ‘I do’. through to the celebrations.

Offering a one stop hassle free set up with a professional and holistic approach.

Includes quality sound system and cordless microphones allowing ambiance to be set right from the woe to the go.
A professional look and delivery. 

This enables me to create a beautiful wedding ceremony to fit with your personal visions and requests.
Let me support you with your vows, readings, poems and bring the unique and individual ceremony created with you, for you. 

Working with me will give you wider choices and a greater feeling of joy and personal involvement to make your day special. Bringing in a special twist that reflects you and your partner’s personalities.

I work with you to ensure the ceremony is everything you in vision.
Being an intuitive gifted person I bring in the element to foresee many aspects that can be introduced. Giving a wow to your guests, leaving that wow so memorable and special to them. 
A one of a kind moment.

So you want to get married in a location that means something to you, such as the first kiss,  family home , woodlands, caves, a batch, the beach or your own back garden. With some amazing locations out there, a wedding doesn’t need to be restricted to a licensed building. 

A spiritual ceremony is performed to bring the couple together in an announcement of their intention to marry long before engagement together. We can create a unique and individual ceremony were given. Why not celebrate with a ceremony unique to you both, yet incorporates your family and friends into the celebrations to make it truly memorable.​

Spiritual ideas can be done while doing the wedding vows and ring exchange, the couple’s are bound together signifying the joining of their lives in a sacred union.

The ceremony can be as intimate or as extravagant as you want or can afford. Keeping a holistic aspect gives you the opportunity to celebrate with your family and friends the coming together of two people and two families.

Ren has her trusty B-Free wagon and travels the from Whangarei and to the wider North Island.



Unity Candle – Binding Ceremony – Sharing of the minds – The Rose Ceremony – Wishing Stones – The Sea Shell Toss – Tying The Knot Ceremony – Butterfly Release – Tree planting – Bubble blowing – Allow Ren to create one specific for you.

Wedding Coordinator / Planner and inspirator. 
Whatever stage of wedding planning you are in, I’m here to support you.

Giving you peace of mind to b-free.


choose B-free events.

Go to  you can complete the form quite safely right up to where it asks for payment, and then back out. There’s no login required so anyone can go into the site and have a look around without actually needing to submit an application

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