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Ren Haskell the founder of B-free Limited.  

Born in Whangarei New Zealand.

Ren Brings her life skills and developing tools via her own personal life experiences.  

Developed techniques, applied studies, completed a business plan in the field of her passions for mind, body and spirit. 


Her biggest challenge, the world was not prepared for Ren and her intuitive guidance, which flowed easy for her. When Ren took the B-free experience live on stage, then latter via zoom and other media platforms it gathered momentum fast. 


Ren took her B-free business concepts around New Zealand, with her fathers travelling genes she left to fulfil her dreams.  That she did. 

Then settled in Napier New Zealand, where she received huge and overwhelming support in the business world around the mind, body and spirit education sector and embraced the town as her spiritual home. 

Ren persistently and professionally went under her brand as B-free Limited, becoming a registered celebrant and completing her diplomas in many recognised N.Z.Q.A education credits.

This has given her and b-free ltd credibility and a direction into the business world.

Ren lives and breathes the intuitive world and has a strong clientele. 

Her gift still today is regarded as an asset by many from humble everyday people too corporate and other business sectors. 


The demand and requirement for intuitive wellness, guidance and training in this field is becoming increasingly sourced after. With Rens natural ability to tutor and support people to enhance their own abilities in holistic practises the workshops have been developed and delivered .

Intuitive guidance is acknowledged as the deeper insight or wider world knowing concept.

Ren displays a down to earth approach to her gift, which was inherited from birth rite and naturally flows in her every day existence.

Ren has a gift that allows her to give holistic guidance, bringing to the table, a wealth of experience in many life situations and being able to assess the unique needs of each individual.

  • Channelling and intuitive guidance – Mediate with people on the other side and allow clearance on many different levels.

  • Leaves you with an uplifting and unique experience


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