B-free Weddings and Ceremonies

B-free offer unique events, with a Mind, Body and Spirit aspect.


A spiritual wedding ceremony is a type of ceremony that acknowledges the couples' connection to universe or the divine but allows the freedom to express it in their way during the ceremony. With all the legal documentation required by N.Z birth, deaths and marriages standards.

The spiritual wedding ceremony is inclusive because spiritualism is about love, inner divinity, and connection to the universe or higher energy.

A spiritual ceremony is flexible, adaptable, and can be highly personal and unique. 

What is a Spiritual Wedding Ceremony?

The Ceremony vows and presentation.

While planning your wedding ceremony, you and your significant other may wonder how to express your commitment to each other regarding your beliefs about the universe, or a higher power.

You may ask yourself these questions: Does a spiritual ceremony work best for us? Would a civil ceremony align with our idea of marriage?

Is there another option that would share our spiritual values and is somewhere in between these two choices?

Ren your celebrant offers many styles that align with the requirements of a legal wedding ceremony and bringing in the aspects of wording and rituals that will express this. 

What is the ambiance of a Spiritual Wedding Ceremony?

A spiritual wedding event is a spiritual experience and want to wed at an inspirational outdoor or indoor setting with the sentimental and holistic aspects added around you.

You can have a spiritual wedding event anywhere you like. At the family home or batch, beach, mountain lodge, backyard at nannas, boat, a forest or herbal garden are all ideal venues for your spiritual wedding ceremony. 

B-free events explore spiritual wedding ceremonies, what they are, and how they differ, are unique to your beliefs and visions.

What is a B-free Civil Ceremony?

civil ceremony is a joining and witnessing of a legal marriage.

There is no mention of a religious or spiritual belief.

A civil ceremony is performed by a judge or official which may be conducted anywhere by someone duly authorized to solemnize legal marriages.

If you have no spiritual or religious belief system, a civil ceremony is what you are looking for and can be beautiful and meaningful.

This ceremony is not limited to an elopement and is appropriate for a wedding of any size.

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What Mr and Mrs Newman said

Thank you! You totally made the day so special! o put . "As a recovered alcoholic with friends from all walks of life, hosting an event as big as a wedding that was alcohol-free was a big decision to make.


Juggling wedding day nerves was hard enough as it was, without having to worry about the temptation of a glass of bubbles! Ren broke the ice and made our guests all feel at home at the ceremony, we were giggling throughout the whole thing!


I hadn't realised how important an MC would be for the reception until Ren stayed on with her entire off-the-grid set up, with less than 5 minutes notice!


The night could not have been more perfect, Ren had everyone so comfortable and at ease no one actually noticed the lack of alcohol! We are so incredibly grateful to have chosen such a beautiful person to marry us, it was totally meant to be!

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