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Ren Haskell for Whangārei Urban General Ward

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My name is Iren’e Haskell, known as, Ren.

Born in Whangārei Base Hospital with fond memories of growing up in Tikipunga with my family. Majority of my life has been in my hometown. always returning home with that calling.

I am a business owner and well-known and integral member of the community.

Busy organising and facilitating wellness events in the Holistic/Wellness sector allows me to reach many different walks of life.

My other strength and passions are my therapeutic and guidance sessions that revitalise and nurture people’s well-being.

As a Coordinator, Celebrant and M.C I love to bring a calmness and order to the events I am creating as these are mainly around well-ness and have a holistic input. Also, lots of fundraising.

On many occasions, you will find me performing, coordinating events, or operating the ‘B-free to Sing’ part of my business. To engage with people and create an enlightenment experience. I also enjoy the night life. Live music and activities, which brings me to relook at the one-way policy council has put in place. More with the already established bar, restaurant owners as a new vibe needs to be created to hold the interest of not only visiting guests, our residents be also need to be involved and catered for.

My journey has provided me with essential life experiences around people and business skills, which has led me to take the next step to becoming an active member within Whangārei District Council Urban General Ward.

Strong work ethics is a valuable part of my family’s beliefs.

Starting paid employment part time after school and weekends at the age of 15, employed by Woolworths in the Bulk food department. I thrive on keeping busy.

I soon realised that I had a natural way with people and had a charisma that people gravitated towards. Even though I do have the ‘suffer no fools’ approach at times.

As time went on, discovering that I am open minded and always choose to get to the source of information, before making decisions or forming opinions.

This wisdom has come through employment, business, and volunteer work within the community.

Having lived both the city and farm life, I am dedicated to environmental issues, particularly recycling, upcycling, and minimising waste and this is a value which is reflected throughout my business and day to day living.

Over the years being active within many community events and had a business myself located in the Whangārei CBD was always running into an array of challenges for example: clients to gain access to me, such as parking and security.

I envision a Whangārei where services are safe and accessible to all.

My vision is to see a return of better support networks within the community.

In today’s current environment, people require better support within an available proximity and positive experiences for them to build foundations for successful futures.

In the past I was heavily involved in Raumanga Family Playgroup, being a mum of 3 wonderful daughters allowed the interaction for them as well. My love for babies and children mixed with the interaction of the parents, for many years have first-hand witnessed the positive effects these community initiatives can have on growing families and communities.

My continuous involvement in community projects and supporting small business shows in my compassion and empathy towards people and the bigger picture.

One passionate project was ‘the Healing Garden’ beside food for life café, this was initially a combination of a beautiful, shared space and acknowledge the group suicides at our local high schools and this went deep within me and a calling to show the community is here for you… It developed its own spin from there on and I created the healing wall, which is still there today.

Friends, family and members of the community would describe me as energetic, enthusiastic, empathetic, driven, nurturing, fun and unique. I gain an immense amount of satisfaction through setting and completing tasks and I value justice and integrity.

I know I would be a valuable member of the Whangārei Urban Ward and I am ready to take on new challenges that allow me to demonstrate what I am capable of and to provide me growth in new areas.

I appreciate you taking the time to read through my profile and look forward to hearing from you.

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