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The B-free team Create and Coordinate pop up events, performances, or activities designed to support your entertaining ideas and needs.

All sound, lighting, visual and tactile props are provided, set up and managed by b-free staff.

All in a package created with your personal requirements in mind. With a professional and intuitive input.


No electrical supply required. WE got it. Even eftpos set up.

we have done: wedding on the beach, in a paddock for New years, in the workshed for xmas function, the new build roof shout, campsite party and many more

Pop up presentations for your campaign.

✅Specialise in Holistic and Wellness events. Taking in a mind, body and spirit aspect.

✅Specialise in Sing along / Karaoke Themed events for birthdays, schools social clubs, team building and fundraisers.


B-free sing along with a theme

     Taking the oke into a whole new level. This has the B-free Experience with it. 

       Quality Sound .

       Multiple microphones

       Effective visual experience using projector screen for group participation. 

       Wifi connection to bring in effects and relevant add ons.

A “karaoke” version is designed to be sung along by another singer, so the lead vocal is removed.

Sometimes the key is changed, background vocals may or may not be removed, etc.

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