Love and let go,

Weddings and special circumstance events, B-free team are ready to see intuitively  

From official ceremonies to the celebrations.

With acknowledgments from close attendees to friends afar.  Large gatherings or intimate and small. 

We arrange a unique setting with a little extra pinaz.  With Mind, Body and Spirit.

B-free Love and let go weddings and events.

When you love the moment and let the material go. Receive the graduate and love when another couple let go. Then gift the material items on to another beautiful couple.

Gift your items to B-free Limited so they can be shown and displayed with or without your travel story of the Dress and items attached. 

We then add to the travel story into a portfolio as a keepsake as the previous owner lets go. Then the next person, loves it for their special day adds their travel story and lets go and so and so on.

Given  a new life 

B-free washes then re-address the stitching and fabric. 

Cleanses, clearing away previous energies, ready for another to love and let go, the flow on effect occurs. 

Now you can love all the memories and let go the material.

A lot of the gifted items are from clients and customers they understand and appreciate the concept that B-free are putting together a beautiful concept and opportunity for many. 


It comes from Enhancing life and beyond.

Letting go of things and having that feel good rush through you is a big part of many peoples letting go, then they can move on to putting their energy into another productive area. Not all travel stories are straight forward. 


The dresses are all different eras, sizes' and designs we have professional seamstress that adjust the dresses via Rens creative designs knowledge and experience.

B-free Give and Receive.

To those that gift their material items, B-free offer options of 100%, 50% 20% gifting back on your own special event or to a family member a close friend. Even B-free products may be gifted. Or b-free services at another event. Conditions apply.

  • Redirect         - direct items (something) to a new or different place or purpose.

  • Recycle          - return (material) to a previous stage in a cyclic process. 

  • Repurpose     - item that adapt for use in a different purpose

  • Reduce          - make smaller or less in amount, degree, or size.

  • Redesign       - design (something) again or in a different way.

Baby Toes

A gift of Love, to a little bub. 

Off cuts of fabrics, lace, buttons, ribbons, and accessories are turned into gowns, shrouds and shawls for stillborn babies.

That is another service B-free offer.

B-free team up with other services to offer this gift.