B-free Live Show

Date: 14 March 2020


Time: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Location: COLAB Business Center, 17 Hannah Street,

Whangarei 0110, New Zealand

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B-free Live Show

B-free to Channel and chat with Ren and guests.

Those that have been in the presence of Ren will tell you her charismatic energy is not only unique it is catchy also.

Taking her natural born ability to the stage, offering live entertainment is what many of you all have been waiting for.

Her risque delivery of humour and straight shooting abilities to draw out the sweet to the sinister in you,
will have you on the edge of your seat to question what might happen next.

The intriguing guest speakers will be captured by Ren's B-free off the cuff interviewing style.
They will enhance you and be informative around the intriguing world of mind, body and spirit.

With a great opportunity for audience participation, as Ren is known to have a great ability channeling into many different energies and bring through mediumship and that exciting moment of the inter-mingling of this world and the next.


Investment of $45 per person which includes a B-free goodies bag.

Tickets are available from the B-free Website at $45 per person

Eventbrite promotion tickets will charge booking fees $45+ 10.48 = $55.48
At the door $45 per person eftpos available no space guaranteed

Arrival from 5 pm to enjoy live music by our local musicians Razors Edge and more to come.

Coffee, non alcoholic refreshments and nibbles available for purchase.
Eftpos available.

Restricted 15 year old, parental guidance advised.
Drug, Smoke and Alcohol free environment.




5:00 PM

Live music by our local musicians. Mingle and mix. Collect your tickets and goodie bag. A hot or cold beverage available from our coffee van which will be enjoyed unde the B-free marquee on the magic carpet cafe style

6:00 PM

All to be seated in the theater area. Welcome, introduction and acknowledgements.

6:15 PM

1st Guest Speaker: Dorothy Simpson , Author, Holistic educator and therapist.

6:25 PM

Live Demo by Dorothy Simpson on immunity tincture shots, be prepared to clear the blockages in your body.

6:40 PM

2nd guest Speaker: Wayne Roycroft, Change is going to happen, what are you going to do about it?

7:00 PM

Break Time: Time to see the many displays of unique bone carvings from our local artist Sheree. Stretch the legs and go out to have a cuppa and snack.

7:20 PM

Intuitive guidance with Ren. A great opportunity for our guests to get insight into the world of spiritual message, mediumship and clairvoyant insight.

7:50 PM

3rd Guest Speaker: Jade Morgan. Speaking on the 3G's in our lives. Talking about ,Grief, Gratitude and Guidance

8:15 PM

Intuitive messages and questions with the guests.

8:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Wind down time.


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