Gift and Lets go

Have your day with a holistic concept in mind. With the 5 R's

Gift your new and old material items on to another beautiful couple.

  • Redirect         - direct items (something) to a new or different place or purpose.

  • Recycle          - return (material) to a previous stage in a cyclic process. 

  • Repurpose     - item that adapt for use in a different purpose

  • Reduce          - make smaller or less in amount, degree, or size.

  • Redesign       - design (something) again or in a different way.

The gift of giving.

How many friends and family members will gift and donate pieces that we can Recreate for your wedding or event day. 

B-free have a wonderful selection of gifted items that are from the heart. 

How do we use the 5 R's on the special Day? Some ideas below. 

  • In season flowers and foliage for the decor, bridal bouquet through to the cake topper. 

  • Those ribbons and old fake flowers, lets dye them, lets spray them. 

  • Glass jars lets recycle to offer stunning vases, thought to a lolly jar and sweet treat.

  • Old table clothes turned into bunting, ribbons to tie on the chairs, did you mention chairs? Collect mix and match chairs all in a similar colour match. 

Gift of  food. 

Ever done gift a jar, can or packet of food?

Instead of a wedding present. Allow your guests help out. 

Whom are the chutney makers? The gardeners? The bakers and cake makers. 

The concept is B-free have a wonderful menu and a simple shopping list to offer your guests. This allows us to then create a buffet on your day. 

No one has to panic about what to bring and whom pay's.  Even ask those acquaintance's, family members and friends to help in the kitchen to keep those memories alive and the gift of giving flow. 

Due to the gifting and donations, this is a financially reachable option for many people and a huge amount of stress taken off them.

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