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What we offer

Welcome to the B-free Funeral services

Firstly, you are probably here because you have lost a loved one. I am sorry for your loss. I have lost both close family and friends and when planning their funerals I sadly found that there was a lot of misinformation that I had to sift through.


I hope that B-free will help you to know how togeather we can organise a very special and also affordable funeral.

There is a lot to say for peace of mind for you to use a Funeral Director.  

You can probably do far more for your Loved One on their final journey than you may realise.

And, as I have found, you will be rewarded with the satisfaction that you have done something very special to honour the person you have loved.

B-free can plan and achieve an affordable funeral and meaningful for you and your family in your time of grief.

We can completely plan and conducted funerals, order caskets and oversee all aspects of their journey to their final resting place.


It is a very rewarding and satisfying experience that we also immensely helped you to work through any personal grief.

My aim is to assist and guide you through ALL the steps of planning a funeral to help you create an affordable, dignified and respectful Funeral or Memorial to honour the person you love.

Legal Information and Paperwork

There is a moderate amount of information that the person organising a funeral has to find,  using b-free services and Funeral Director will give peace of mind and less stress.



For example, a Funeral Director can fill in the Notification of Death for the Registrar of Deaths, but filling in the form is the easy part. The hard work of finding the required information has to be done so we offer package, ideas and support.  We work with the family members or person organising the funeral. Will guide you with a list of all the information that you will need to find so as to register the death. 

There is some paperwork needing to be done to have either a burial or a cremation. It is really over whelming so we want that to be our role at b-free and yours to grieve and let b-free staff take care of all the mind crazy stuff. 

Other Useful Information

Do you want an earth burial, a cremation, or possibly a sea burial? Or what about bequesting your body to medical science?

Do you need special licences or vehicles to transport a deceased person?

At b-free we also do pre planning funeral packs and wills to help ease all these questions.