Founder of B-free products and services

Be-free offers the tools to quality and successful Holistic Guidance.

Holistic Guidance is an alternative form of therapy which combines the emotional, physical and energetic (or spiritual) sides of one’s being, to allow the whole individual to heal, grow and come into a new sense of awareness.  

Be-free uses this therapy to offer guidance that clears anything that may be impeding people from enjoying a complete, uplifting experience, in order to move forward, cope and set goals for life.

Ren has a gift that allows her to give holistic guidance, bringing to the table, a wealth of experience in many life situations and being able to assess the unique needs of each individual.

Combined with her qualifications and training, Ren has the tools to offer quality and successful results, to assist healing.

While she is helping people to physically and spiritually become free from the effects of life’s challenges, Ren continues to study and expand her already wide knowledge and experience, in this holistic health skill.


“I was extremely lucky to be born into an accepting family, of these unique skills and I enjoy using this gift today, to help others overcome life’s difficulties,” Ren says.


How Ren can help you:

  • Channeling and guidance – Mediate with people on the other side and allow clearance on many different levels.

  • Leaves you with an uplifting and unique experience.

At the age of 13, different situations with family members sparked Ren’s interest in alternative health and treatments.  This lead to studies within this field in high school and after-school work experience further cemented the path for ‘B-Free’.


When she had her own family, she carried on the wellness, holistic and health aspect while continuing to study. 


Ren was extremely lucky to be born into an accepting family of her unique ways and uses her gift today to help others overcome life’s challenges.


How Ren can help:


  • Channeling & Guidance – Mediate with people on the other side and allowing clearance on many different levels

  • Reiki/Polarity Therapy – Balancing energy fields of the body

  • Massage – Sports/Deep Tissue, Swedish, Therapeutic

  • Aroma-therapy Treatments - Via massage using a specific aromatherapy oil to target the client needs

  • Teaching – teaching and understanding techniques used

  • Events & Networking within Wellness, Holistic and Health

  • B-Free Weddings

  • B-Free Funerals


Leaving you with an uplifting and unique experience.